an Alive Tradition of Vilnius Original Decoration for Palm Sunday

Early spring days before the Easter are marked by Verbos -  the original decorations

Verbos – a decoration made of dried flowers, plants, moss. It was originated in Vilnius region and traditionally used for Palm Sunday celebration, known since 16 c. Tradition originates of Easter’ waiting on Palm Sunday. In folk tradition it was a posy made from willow and juniper twigs – early spring trees and shrubs and evergreen plant twigs. It was believed that the exploding green plants have magical powers that will be recruited to touch the animals to be healthy, and people – happy and beautiful.  Currently it is developed into a specific branch of a folk art spread in whole Lithuania. A normal size of verba is 40 – 50 cm, but a colourful item of the verba could be as small as 5 cm or as big as 2 metres in high. On Palm Sunday one can see bunches of verbos’ carried to keep at home until the next year Palm Sunday. Every year verbos created are different a bit in design or the materials used.


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