Some Moments from the Mobility Visit

Guided Ljubljana tour

…Unforgetable meals,happy and hospitable people,clean city and beautiful Bled .These are the first words for me to tell Ljublijana.(Mahmut, Turkey).

… Modern and historical museum affected me a lot. You can feel history in Lectar Museum. Architecture was also impressive. I wanted to watch the sunset again in Bled (Esra, Turkey).

… First of all I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers of the meeting and underline the perfect level of coordination and organization of the event. The meeting of the trainers and the programme of cultural heritage objects were interesting and really important as for me personally as for my professional duties. The event was observed during the meeting of the staff of Vilnius University Library. My colleagues found project interesting and needful as well. The main impression of the Slovenian experience was maid by the combination of traditional forms of reach cultural heritage and very modern ways of representation of the cultural traditions, handcrafts and historical and other monuments. First of all digital means of presentation must be mentioned in this context.
Discussion with trainers and trainees from other countries resulted in deeper awareness of the context and meaning of the term “cultural heritage” in different cultures and traditions. The variety of studding possibilities, various forms of training courses gave a number of ideas, which could be used and actualized and realized in my professional work. In my opinion the meeting was very successful. (Tatjana, Lithuania)

                      Visit of the farm Matijovc at Podbrezje; Visit of the Bled castle

… Lubiana is truly a great place if you are a “people person".
… Lubiana is not overrun with tourists, you can get a glimpse of life in Lubiana
… The persons are open, friendly and helpful.
… Lubiana is the Christmas city!!!
(Participants from Italy)


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