Some Moments from the Mobility Visit


 ….This is a beautiful, small island with gorgeous beaches. Adamas is a lovely port with a fun nightlife. Do not miss the sunset in Plaka. Most of what we have seen in Milos, be it the architecture of the houses. If I have to describe Milos in one word, it would be "beautiful". (Merve)

…The most impressive is the ancient history heritage and nature landscape. All places related to the human history roots and naturally preserved ancient remains are unique and magnificent. Also traditional food heritage was exceptional. (Vilma).

… It was my first travel to Greece and its islands. I liked the towns of islands Plaka, Pollonia, Adams. Visits in catacombs, theatre and beaches were unforgettable. Greek culture has a very long history. It’s the foundation of nowadays European culture. I am happy I had a chance to see Greek heritage. (Skirmante).

The unbelievable coasts and the so tourist-friendly people of the island; When you go to Milos, do not use only your eyes but also your ears, your mouth. I dont forget this special island (Dilek).



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