GREECE, 25-28 June 2010


The mobility visit in Milos was very successful, although Mewcat was confronted with a lot of organisational obstacles, due to unfavourable travel conditions, strikes in Athens and cancellation and changes of flight and ferry schedules, the 13 participants from partner countries managed to arrive safely at Milos (even some of them without sleep for 30 hours!). The meeting was held in the George Eliopoulos Conference Center, a modern restoration of a former mining factory, witnessing Milos’ mining history.

                                                       The Papafraga cave

Ms Gina Grigoriou, curator of the folk museum and expert for Milos history gave an introduction into history and an overview over Milos sites. Yvonne von Beck, Mewcat, presented the cultural sites of Milos, which were chosen for further processing to be integrated into the Adher Booklet. Emphasis was given on the possibility to include knowledge about these sites in today’s tourism programmes or to further process conservation and exploitation of monuments for improvement of tourism offers. All partners gave short presentations about their cultural sites and reasons for choosing these specific ones for the project ADHER’s outcomes. In a following discussion the milestones for the booklet production were defined. The cultural programme included a tour to Milos sites, the Catacombs, Ancient Theatre, Prehistoric Site of Fylakopi, Sarakiniko and Papafranga and for Sunset the picturesque village of Plaka with stunning view over the sea. On the way the participants had the opportunity to taste local specialities, like traditional cheese pies with mint or “Koufeto”, pumpkin sweets served at weddings and Turkish Baklava.
Very happily the participants collected near the seaside little pieces of obsidian, the famous black volcanoes stone.
Milos’ lovely landscape and Greece’s beautiful climate could finally compensate the difficulties, which the participants had encountered whilst travelling!



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