… Villa Montesca, Museum Alberto Burri… – the examples of cultural heritage in Città di Castello that stamped in my mind. And I was fascinated by the town itself, a small town which began in the year 89 B.C., a small town
behind walls with all old buildings, towers…, beautiful old fronts with ornaments, beautiful doors and windows, and
beams we saw through illuminated windows…, narrow paved streets in which modern cars are driving as this town
is lively and the buildings are inhabited…(Sonja)
… The town itself is really fascinating… In the year 1997 a strong earthquake damaged several examples of cultural heritage of this area, including the famous church of San Francesco d'Assisi. From that time they began to educate the inhabitants on measures after the earthquake… By this, the possibility for complete restoration of the heritage is increased… Other examples of cultural heritage in Città di Castello that stamped in my mind: Villa
Montesca, olive oil mill on a farm near Assisi…
… Città di Castello, a medieval town, almost not renovated, where you can feel a spirit of passed ages and something connected to famous Antonioni films ….(Nerute)
… Superb opinion on the Italy visit …
… The trip to Città di Castello was a unique experience, concerning as well the lovely landscape as also the Italian
culture, architecture and art and also the Italian food. It was also very enriching to meet the participants from other
cultures and countries. All the activities which took place - like the strolls in the medieval town, the visit of the
museum Burri, the visit to the olive mill and to the town of Assisi and the tasting of delicious traditional food - were
very impressing and made the group returning to Greece full of enthusiasm and enriched knowledge of the
relevance of cultural heritage in today’s business and modern enterprises …
… The most memorable were the visit to Burri Museum, the visit of Assisi and Olive Mill, the Villa Montesca as architectural monument, the architecture and landscapes, the Italian food…
…. Italian language, traditional food and wine, the architecture and art are unique …
…. Città di Castello is gorgeous. I adore the silence of the town. It is a lord of the green land (Mina)…
It was unexpected impression. Wonderful old town, which differs from our northern cities. Trip to Italy was as a wonderful night dream. I know that I exactly will come to Italy once again. (Albertas).
It was a wonderful place, which I exactly imagined as an example of heritage studies. Wonderful old town, wonderful landscape. I think it will be interesting different aspects of heritage which are different from other countries – Landscape and country architecture, food preparing heritage, intangible kinds of heritage. (Jurate).
Castello is gorgeous. I adore the silence of the town. It is a lord of the green land. (Mine)

 I LOVED Italy  because it was very easy to get around, people were quite friendly and pizza was delicious.I felt the peace (Murat)


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