Visit, Città di Castello
ITALY, 22-25 April 2010

Partner's internal meeting in the library of Villa Montesca

The second meeting of the project ADHER was held in Città di Castello at Villa Montesca. The meeting was attended by 40 participants coming from Turkey, Romania, Greece, Slovenia and Lithuania. During the first day, the partners and learners presented their own institutions and countries focusing on their cultural heritages. The
hosting partner supplied information on the Region’s cultural heritage stressing the issue of public awareness as
regards its protection presenting the educational tools used to improve the knowledge of cultural heritage and its role in local development. The meeting was also an opportunity for exchanging good practices and training methods of the participating countries. Discussions and debates regarding the project’s activities and steps were spaced out with guided tours to historical and artistic Umbrian sites. Participants went also on a guided tour to
Assisi where they learnt how the Region's cultural heritage is managed and valorized.
The partners and learners appreciated both the historical building where Centro Studi is located and demonstrated their high interest about the topics presented in the work session. The partners presented their contributions, including a list of cultural heritages of their country. The representatives of Centro Studi presented more detailed information on the situation regarding the cultural heritage in the country, on the local level. The focus was also on the public awareness about Cultural Heritages, educational tools used, importance of Cultural heritage in public life as a mean of local development, local and national regulations and laws in Italy. A discussion on the implementation of the project followed. Special impressions are left from interesting cultural program: visit of Burri Museum and of the centre of Città di Castello, visit of Assisi with guide.
The meeting was successful and the activities organized achieved their goals.


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