“The meeting allowed us to discover Romania and its wonderful part - Transylvania. We had possibility to touch the non-artificial cultural heritage that is not accessible via the commercial tourism.” (Gintautas, Lithuania).
“The days spend in Romania are unforgettable: early spring panoramic views in Cluj-Napoca and visit to Rimetea to feel a spirit of small village situated close to the impressive mountains. And of course the walk to Coltesti Castle was a real challenge for me, but I did it! I will remember the traditional folk art examples seen not only in museums but in many places where we have been. And the last evening with such temperamental folk dances and songs, that was a real culmination of everything! We are very grateful for so well organized meeting where we got some knowledge not only during seminars but visiting lively the places of cultural heritage – who can expect that Turda salt mine is so wonderful place to visit, to know more and to enjoy it.” (Nerute, Lithuania).
“For me, accustomed to live in a plain landscape, the Romanian landscape left a great impression:  mountains, valleys and human efforts to live there in such magnificent nature. The route repeated each twist of a mountain stream, a garden and a yard had a such place what was left from massive mountain besides.  Turda salt mine witnessing  a hard work of many generations  enchants with her spaces and  walls ornamented  with wonderful patterns. When you know that everything was made mostly by human hands, the only expression come to mind:  unbelievable but it is apparent...
The impression on our partners hosting us are the best, they are sincere, open, considerate and cheerful. Each time when I am longing the nice atmosphere of this visit, I am opening the folk dance video record published at the ADHER website. With best regards.” (Snieguole, Lithuania).


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