The Burri Collection

High example of contemporary art that makes the city proud of that all over the world. Alberto Burri (1915-1995) is one of the great masters of contemporary international art, who left all his works to the town where he was born: Città di Castello.
The complete collection of works by Alberto Burri can be seen in two exhibition locations, the ‘Albizzini Palace Foundation’ and the ‘Tobacco Drying Factory’ (former tobacco drying sheds). ‘Albizzini Palace’ is a fifteenth century palace, typical example of Florentine building, which houses the richest and most organic collections of the pictorial activity of Alberto Burri. The painting for him was freedom obtained, constantly consolidating, supervised with such vigilance as to take out the possibility of painting again.


The painter of tars, of moulds, of sacks, of rags, of craters, of humps, of combustion, of wood, of iron, of plastic, of cracks, of grand cuttings in black, of cellotex, of ailments, arranged to express himself solely and directly with his work, the Maestro, reserved and wary, wanted to leave a ‘sign’ of dedication, wholly spiritual, to the city. In Burri’s courage not to stop his artistic path from 1948 until his death, there is a rigorous will that responds to the profound sense of the moral order of paintings, to the critical lucidity that always supported it, that measures every search with extreme coherence, with the irreplaceable and inevitable presence of violent provocation and absolute attainment.
Since 1990 the collection has grown richer with the last donation of 128 recent works of large format, which have found just the right prominence in the space of the ex Tobacco Drying Factory, a complex of over 29.000 square metres. It is an exemplary utilization of industrial museum architecture.


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