The examples of cultural heritage of Slovenia, which were chosen for the purpose of the project, were chosen in the framework of the first phase of an e-learning programme on cultural heritage of Slovenia and other partner countries, which CPZ-International prepared for its target group. In this phase, which was taking place from June 2010 to August 2010 and was dedicated more to someone’s acquaintance with the situation regarding cultural heritage in Slovenia, the members of the target group – the unemployed persons from different regions of Slovenia, who are interested in self employment and entrepreneurship in tourism, culture, education – were working (in the Moodle web classroom) in smaller groups and subgroups (teams), namely in one of the following roles: the team member, the team leader. The main task of the team was to elaborate the contribution on the given theme in the form of short and to the point Word document, which is later put (in the web classroom) among the so-called sources. More precisely, the task of the team was to choose one or more examples of cultural heritage in the chosen municipality of the given Slovenian region, with a stress on cultural heritage which is threatened to disappear, and to try to answer to the given questions.
The teams chose the following examples of cultural heritage.

I –  Borovnica viaduct
II – Jelen bridge
III – Signalman's cabin 666
IV – Soteska castle
V – Stična monastery
VI – Museum of Christianity in Slovenia
VII – Settlement Cvinger above Vir pri Stični


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