Participating Other Mobility Visits,
Comments and Some Moments

ITALY, 22-25 April 2010, Citta di Castello.The Turkish group was composed of 7 participants: one person of staff and 6 learners.They were impressed a lot from Citta di Castello and the cultural heritages. Also the meeting was very informative with regard to learn other countries’ cultural heritages.
GREECE, 25-28 June 2010, Milos.The Turkish group was composed of 4 participants: one person of staff and 3 learners.They learned much more about Greek’s cultural heritages.They has a chance to see & learn Greek’s history and a beautiful landscape.

Participants of meeting visiting a memorial place

LITHUANIA, 17-20 September 2010, Vilnius. The Turkish group attended the meeting with 5 participants: two persons of staff and 3 learners. The meeting was held at the Old Vilnius University historical buildings. Participants were able to learn more on Lithuania’s cultural heritages’ at the first hand in there; they visited Trakai  - an old castle and Vilnius’s historical places to understand better these country’s heritages.
SLOVENIA, 12-15 December 2010, Ljubljana. The Turkish group consisted of 3 persons: two of staff and 1 learner. The meeting was The Emonec Museum. Participants had a chance to take more information about project and Slovenia’s cultural heritages in this building. They visited Ljubljana’s museums and Bled lake & castle. Also they tasted Slovenia’s different delicious dishes.

A glance to the Atakum Adult Education Center

….Well organized meeting in Samsun: useful discussions on activities foreseen in the project, the educational program applied in the Atakum Adult Education Center, and the interesting cultural program giving a possibility to know more about the country and traditions. (Nerute)

Participating Other Mobility Visits,
Comments and Some Moments

… All the time we have spent in Samsun and Sinop during this meeting is memorable for us but to witness the ceremony of the henna and to participate in such an event of Turkish marriage tradition - was unforgettable experience. Also it was very interesting to see traditional painting on water techniques – Ebru. Turkey has a rich natural landscape. Samsun and Sinop coastal sceneries are remarkable. We did like traditional food and dancing very much. Exceptional hospitality of Turkish people is also cultural heritage. Thank you very much for wonderfully organized meeting that enriched our experience. (Participants from Lithuania)
... I expected to see wonderful country and to get more information about its cultural heritage, but my expectations were succeeded because the two days of the meeting allowed me to absorb the unique atmosphere of everyday ways and cultural life in non-touristic part of Turkey. That was memorable experience that changed my understanding about country and people as well. I had opportunity to participate in authentic traditional event, part of Turkish marriage tradition, and a practice which remounts to antiquity, and that was unforgettable experience. I am very grateful for the opportunity to become acquainted with the culture I have read a lot about. (Kęstutis, Lithuania)
... I expected Samsun to be a little city, not too modern or industrialised. It was not what I expected; the city is quite large and modern, but still very beautiful and unique. The dinner from Tuesday night was the most memorable, with the traditional pre-wedding event. People were so hospital and lovely; they showed us their traditions, sang their songs and showed us how and for what reason to use henna. I will never forget this activity; the henna is still decorating my hand... The water painting was also memorable and very nice, a very unique piece of art specific to the visited place. I just want to thank the Turkish partners all their hard work, I really gained experiences I will never forget. (Eniko, Romania)



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