First Mobility Visit, Samsun
TURKEY, 13-16 November 2009

The initial project meeting in Samsun was organized by Atakum Adult Education Center. The main meeting activities were: brief presentations of partners to each other; revision of the application form; discussion on the details regarding the project.
The meeting was started and chaired by Merve Duygulu. Two participants from Romania, six participants from Turkey, one participant from Lithuania and one from Slovenia attended the kick-off meeting. Participants from Greece planned but were not able to attend the meeting. All participants gave a brief presentation of themselves and their institutions. The general and specific objectives of the project were revised. The following meeting places and the dates were fixed. The participants had the opportunity to see the official project website ( In order to provide a fast communication, we created a yahoo group named as


Cultural visits and social activities, which represented the innovative ways of education/training used in achieving the main objective of the project which is to increase the mutual understanding among different cultures by improving the knowledge of people about the situation regarding the cultural heritage in different countries. The activities during this partnership visit included the following cultural heritage sites visited: Big Mosque, Samsun Bandirma Boat Museum, Gazi Museum, Hamam (Turkish Baths), Amisos Hill. They included also the presentation of a live Kemenche music at the farewell dinner.
The feeling of the participants about the meeting, the social and cultural activities held in the organization of Atakum Adult Education Centre was positive. Everybody got the chance to express their feelings and ideas. The general idea was that this meeting was a good start on our way to achieve our goals proposed in the application form.


Seventh Mobility Visit, Samsun, 4 –7 July 2011

Meeting at Tepe Hotel Conference Hall

The seventh mobility visit in Samsun was organized by Atakum Public Education Centre (Atakum HEM) and attended by 13 participants coming from Lithuania, Slovenia and Romania. The participants were welcomed by the representatives of Atakum HEM, the Turkish partner and coordinator of this Learning partnership project funded by the Grundtvig Programme.
The first day began with the coordinator’s meeting about Final report writing at Tepe Hotel conference room. Duties were shared amongst the participants. The opinion was that the main aims were achieved in general. Also the possibility to work further on the subject of ADHER and develop its ideas in other project ideas was discussed and every coordinator agreed and volunteered to work together in the future.
After coffee break all participants attended meeting. V.Bahar Zengin presented Turkey and some historical places, Samsun, Atakum Public Education Centre and own cultural heritages. Also Nerute Kligine was remembered with a short video.
After the meeting there was a chance to see and try the art of Ebru, followed by a guided tour of the city. The participants visited historical landmarks and museums of Samsun including the Bandirma Boat, the Gazi, Archaeology and Ethnography Museums, Amazon Island and Amisos Hill. During the tour the participants also saw the Ataturk Monument, Great Mosque and the International Bazaar.
Participants then went to Acem Tekkesi for a traditional meal, followed by folk dances and traditional songs. Guests also attended a traditional Henna night in the same place.
The second day’s trip was to Sinop. The trip started at Sinop’s Historical Prison then continued on to Sinop Castle (walls) and its beautiful scenery. After lunch, the trip moved on to Akliman, and visitors swam at Akliman coast in the Black Sea. On the return to Samsun, we all had dinner at the Amisos Hill Restaurant and every partner was pleased with the project and having had the chance of working together. In the future coordinators agreed to work together again.

The Art of Ebru presentation

Traditional Henna Night (left); Sinop Historical Prison (in the middle); Ataturk Monument Samsun (right)


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