Atakum is the district of Samsun. It is a lovely coastal settlement. The total population of the county is 105,187, based on 26 districts and 30 villages and neighborhoods of the city of Samsun. According to the continuous migration of population data, population is increasing 200-250 people per month. With the tourism facilities, entertainment centers, many with beautiful beaches of the region, Atakum is the most charming district in the city.

Atakum Adult Education Center is a center that gives possibility to teach the people from the age of 5 to up. There are many courses organized such as: reading and writing, English, computer, folk dance, guitar, violin, hand crafts, theater, needle work, swimming, art, chest, judo. If there is enough participation (10 people) the new course, free of charge is opened. The courses can last from 4 to 9 months; it is up to the course. We give a certificate when the students finish them. In the center, we have 10 classrooms, 1 library, 2 laboratories, 2 multipurpose hall and workshops. Except our building, we have 500 classes in several places of Atakum. For example the first floor of an apartment or a small empty shop or an empty place in a village.


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